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Our fight against COVID-19
In order to protect our students and clients by minimising the health and hygiene risks of COVID-19, Surfadictos has created an action protocol that is available to the public for consultation by those who are interested or who wish to hire a service from our company.
As a main measure we plan to further reduce the groups of each surf and sup class so that you are safer and enjoy your activities better.

We are aware of the need to rediscover ourselves in order to give our best service. That is why we have created the following protocol to work in a safe way.

Surfadictos Surf and Sup School, being the best connoisseur of its own facilities, has designed this specific plan for your company and the company assumes a firm commitment to risk management. To this end, the different processes will be coordinated with each other, always complying with the recommendations and guidelines issued by the health authorities in relation to special measures against COVID-19.


Objectives for COVID Coronavirus Safety.
Three objectives are pursued with the implementation of the protocols for these measures:

Staff safety: employees and collaborators.

Customers and their safety.

Depending on where we are, the safety of the residents of the locality and municipality.


There are three main axes on which these protocols hinge:

Defining the minimums to address the disinfection of objects in contact with people.

How we resolve the distance between people within the facilities.

Establishing work protocols by activity.

Responsible for COVID Coronavirus Safety.
The school management is responsible for developing and ensuring that each of the protocols are carried out:

Identify the risks and conduct a risk analysis.

Designing the contingency plan.

Planning and implementing the contingency plan and monitoring compliance.

Assessing the effectiveness of the contingency plan and modifying it if necessary.

Act according to protocol in the event of an alarm.


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