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Surf adaptado en San Vicente de la Barquera
Surf adaptado en San Vicente de la Barquera
Surf adaptado en San Vicente de la Barquera

Another of the main objectives that we propose at the SURFADICTOS Surf & Sup school is to promote the practice of our sports with a marked social character among those groups with special needs that have it more difficult but that will not be impossible for them to carry them out and above all ENJOY special classes with special people.

To this end, at the SURFADICTOS school we work on projects with various organisations to promote these sports. The aim is to facilitate access to surfing and its benefits. Nowadays, no one is unaware that surfing is an incomparable physical activity that takes place in natural environments and provides very special sensations, so it can help to differentiate and learn to regulate them.

In addition to developing psychological and social skills, surfing and sup also promotes self-esteem, relaxation and improves coordination and balance. This makes it a powerful tool for different therapies with people with different abilities.
In order to be able to carry out all of the above, the school has technical material with which this group could carry out our activities. For example, we have a Sup with a chair as a kayak, as can be seen in some of the photos accompanying this text, with which we have already conducted classes with blind children.

Boys and girls from associations such as the AVIVA Foundation in Salamanca, the Fernando Arce School in Torrelavega, the AMICA Association in Torrelavega and APTACAN (Association of Parents of People with Autistic Spectrum Syndrome) have passed through our school.
And we hope and wish that many more special surf addicts will enjoy with us.  


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