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Surfing since 1988. He started surfing on the beaches of Los Locos and La Concha, in Suances when surfing was not seen in the same way as it is today. I prefer the world of freesurfing to the world of competition, although I have competed at regional and national level.  Now what I like the most is surfing in bigger waves where technically you don't need so much level but you need to be in good physical and mental shape. I competed last 2019 in LA VACA GIGANTE being 4th classified in what was the first Spanish big wave contest in its first edition.

I also practice Stand Up Paddle since 2010, and I have been competing since 2014. My best results are Champion of Spain in Technical Race in 2017, Champion of Spain and Europe of Sup Waves in inflatable category in 2017.
In the race modality, several years champion of the ACSUP Circuit in Beach Race (Technical Race) and several sub-championships in Long Distance.

Sergio is a Level I Surf and Sup Sport Technician since 2013 and Level II since 2017 by the Cantabrian Surfing Federation, IOSUP Technician (2013). He is qualified in Aquatic Lifeguarding and First Aid by the Spanish Red Cross as well as a Special Education Instructor. A lifetime dedicated to the sea but with the same enthusiasm as the first day.
Sergio Cuevas, Surfadictos
Diego Bolado, Surfadictos
Alvaro Martinez, Surfadictos
Alex Pons, Surfadictos
Vida Hernandez, Surfadictos
Cesar Garcia, Surfadictos

The instructors who form part of the Surfadictos team are qualified as Surfing Sports Technicians (TD1 and TD2) by the Cantabrian Surfing Federation (FCS), as well as being trained in lifeguarding and first aid and we are able to give classes in other languages.


We are also Special Education instructors and we use surfing as a form of inclusive sport for all people.

More than 25 years of experience as surfers, of which more than 10 as instructors, endorse our curriculum.

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